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So, why do we label those who live fully each moment "intense"? Is living each moment completely too intense for some? Why is the beginning of a relationship always what we remember most? The feelings of the first hug, kiss or just holding hands can take our breath away, yet these feelings never seem to last. Why?


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Well Randy, I think it has to do with the novelty of "newness", the promise of what "might" be, and a lot of projection that this person might be "the one", which is a lot easier when you don't have more of the facts (i.e., baggage, hangups, quirks, etc.) before you.

But what the heck do I know? Well actually I know a lot---I just have a little challenge with the application, ha!

I agree that men "don't get it". And all the reading and seminars and audiobooks in the world can't give it to 'em---unless there's a real desire to find "it". And to be fair, women don't always get "it" either.

But yes, the flower (one and not a dozen over-priced florist-ee roses in a cheap vase), a kiss on the cheek, and the candelight bath are a good start!

Best of luck on the book. And don't abandon your blog:)!

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